David Schor for Mayor

I’m running for Mayor of Portland because we are facing problems that cannot be solved by the establishment politicians who helped to create them. Whether it’s making Portland an affordable place to live, raising the wages of people who work hard at making Portland vibrant to a living wage, or repairing our city’s neglected roads, it is my firm conviction that solving these vital problems can not and will not happen without the support of a broad-based movement for social justice.

As a public servant who doesn’t come from a privileged background and who stands up against the greed of banks, corporations, and the rich and powerful, I know that I can only win this race if the people stand with me.
– David Schor
david schor signature

“Income and wealth inequality have reached obscene levels, the threat of climate change is more frightening than ever, and the billionaire class is now allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to buy the candidate they want. And it is up to us to stand up and fight back. If we stand together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.”
~ Sen. Bernie Sanders